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Black Night: Descent

Black Night: Descent

This script was conceived and written back in 2011, and is one of my all time favorite scripts that I'm excited to break apart and share with. It was a massive endeavor and would be the equivalent of about an eight hour movie or a three to four part miniseries. Tho I have matured with my work and feel I have stronger stories, this one is a fun and brutal roller coaster. I hope you find it enjoyable and worth your time. This is in script format, so some words like names and actions will be capitalized, this is done on purpose. Some aspects may be triggering and some portrayals of religious figures may bother some and I highly respect that and understand and want to express that it's a work of fiction and nothing more. It just happened to work this way to tell this story. And now...I bring you to the Rose...a tavern that will house the beginning of this tale... Fear not the dark... fear what hides within it...

Dadrizzle27 · Fantasy
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