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Prim considered herself as a fan. With this time of day, it would be surprising if no one idolized someone nowadays. Still, lucky for them, they can still watch them afar without meeting them personally, but for Prim, meeting her idols would be the most impossible thing that will ever happen to her. Why? Because they're dead. They live in the past where even her mother wasn't born yet. Prim can only listen, read about her idols and wept in despair. Poor Prim. She can't deny that she envies her friends as she watched them going to concerts and meeting their idols. As she met another student that keeps telling her strange things, she also experience the strangest yet amazing situation of her life. "You should feel honored that the most amazing me, is coming with you." He said as he opens his treasure box with a flick of finger. She rolled her eyes, "Honored, my foot." she muttered. When she saw that he's really determined about his decision, she messed up her hair, "What are you even gonna do there? I've already experienced the time-travelling, why do you still want to go with me?" He smiled, "Let's just say, it's my vacation." He then continued, "You really gonna need my help there, I'm telling you. What if you time-travelled in the Medieval Era when the Black Death happens, what will you do?" He asked. "Eiii, there's no way that we might arrive there." she denied while smiling stiffly. "Right?" she asked. He just laughs and for Prim, that sounds like the most evil laugh that she heard. A/N: PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME

Arohall ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings