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Pride and Prejudice


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Causing immediate excitement among Mrs. Bennet and her five daughters, Mr. Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman, has rented a nearby country estate, Netherfield. He arrives in town accompanied by his fashionable sister and his good friend, Mr. Darcy. While Bingley is well-received in the community, Darcy begins his acquaintance with smug condescension and proud distaste for all the “country” people. Bingley and Jane Bennet begin to grow close despite Mrs. Bennet’s embarrassing interference and the opposition of Bingley’s sister, who considers Jane socially inferior. Elizabeth is stung by Darcy’s haughty rejection of her at a local dance and decides to match his coldness with her own wit. Elizabeth begins a friendship with Mr. Wickham, a militia officer who has a history with Darcy. Wickham claims that Darcy seriously mistreated him. Elizabeth immediately seizes upon this information as another reason to hate Darcy. Ironically, but unbeknownst to her, Darcy finds himself gradually drawn to Elizabeth. Just as Bingley appears to be on the point of proposing marriage to Jane, he moves away from Netherfield, leaving Jane confused and upset. Elizabeth is convinced that Bingley’s sister has conspired with Darcy to separate Jane and Bingley. Mr. Collins, a distant relative of the Bennets, makes an unexpected visit. He is a recently ordained clergyman employed by the wealthy Lady Catherine de Bourgh. On his way to visit his patron, Collins makes a visit, intending to find a wife from among the Bennet sisters. At first, he pursues Jane; however, when Mrs. Bennet mentions she is involved with Mr. Bingley, he turns to Elizabeth. He soon proposes marriage to Elizabeth, who refuses him, much to her mother’s distress. Collins quickly recovers and proposes to Elizabeth’s close friend, Charlotte Lucas, who immediately accepts him. Their marriage takes place soon after. In the spring, Elizabeth joins Charlotte and Mr. Collins at his parish in Kent. The parish is adjacent to Rosings Park, the grand manor of Mr. Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, where Elizabeth is frequently invited. While calling on Lady Catherine, Mr. Darcy encounters Elizabeth. She discovers from Darcy’s cousin that it was he who separated Bingley and Jane, as she suspected. Soon after, Darcy admits his love of Elizabeth and proposes to her. Elizabeth refuses him. When he asks why she should refuse him, she confronts him with his sabotage of Bingley’s relationship with Jane and his history with Wickham. Darcy responds with a long letter justifying his actions. Thus, everything is set up to bring to conclusion the various love affairs—happily, or perhaps unhappily. Whatever the various resolutions, Darcy, Bingley, Jane, Elizabeth, as well as others, will need to overcome their pride and prejudices if they are to find love in the midst of these uncertain and complex relationships.

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Best that was ever written. Novels comes and goes but Pride & Prejudice always stays inside our heart just waiting to reread again. Must Read


Best book in the World ! I am a big fan of Jane Austen's books, and my favorite is Pride and Prejudice! I love the character of Elizabeth, but also that of Darcy! A masterpiece of English literature !


One of my favorite books; such a classic! The characters are well-developed (even though Mr. Darcy can easily be misunderstood by Lizzie and the audience)


This is the best novel of all ages, I can never grow tired of reading it. It's worth all the time Guys try it out and you will not regret it, I repeat YOU WILL NOT REGRET READING THIS NOVEL


The book is well-written, and an enjoyable read overall. I have to say Mr. Darcy deserved better overall. He was maligned and misunderstood for the most part of the book and was unfortunate to have fallen in love with with a woman whose vanity got the better of her. I was quite annoyed with Elizabeth's character for the first half of the book, finding her to be full of herself. It doesn't help that her family is a sorry lot of characters who are the best at giving her second hand embarrassment. Ultimately she redeems herself, but her family doesn't.


Very nice. I also have a paperback edition at home. The book is kind of funny and sweet and sour. This book is written very humourously and I say,"Hats off" to the Late Jane Austen.


To a potential reader, Dear soul please consider taking on this lovely book for yourself. If you fancy a bit of romance, a taste of comedy, and a lovely FL and ML.... please consider reading this amazing novel. The banter is most pristine and quite a bit fun. The ML is a bit droll in the beginning but he lightens up considerably and our FL is one of the best characters ever to be writ in all of literature. You’ll be missing out if you pass this lovely novel. Sincerely, A devoted fan P.S. you will love the side characters as they are a joy


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