Love And Revenge (Evelyn And Samuel) Book

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Love And Revenge (Evelyn And Samuel)


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Evelyn Carla, a young woman with a beautiful face, and eyes that can hypnotize the opposite sex, would never thought that one day she has to deal with a president director from a well-known company, named Samuel Grahem, a Cassanova who doesn't want to be attached with anyone and has power and charming that can always attract many women. On the recommendation of her friend, Evelyn applied for a job at a well-known company. She was accepted as a president director's personal assistant in that company. How Evelyn's life will be if she has to work with a Boss who has a irresistible charisma and likes to have sex with many women? Will Evelyn fall into his charm, or will she even be able to conquer the Cassanova? And what if the President Director turns out to have a fiance? Can she accept her as his fiance meanwhile she has a grudge against the president director's fiance? Seeing that the President Director has a weakness, and could take benefit of it, which would Evelyn finally choose, Love or Revenge? Find out the story here ...


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