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Cuffs and Collar


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What is Cuffs and Collar

Cuffs and Collar is a popular web novel written by the author Madym, covering BDSM, R18, SEXSLAVES, ROMANCE, MASTERSLAVE, BONDAGE, BETRAYAL, REVANGE, ACTION, SUBMISSIVEANDDOMINANT, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 208K readers with an average rating of 4.82/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 79 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Life was already hard on Regina and when she assumed she finally found her happiness in Jason, fate arrived with another twist that changed her life forever. Betrayed. Ruined. Kidnapped. Sold. Regina is forced into a world of terror and darkness. Captive and alone, with no one to trust, no lover, no faith, and no future. ___________ Paul is the darkness and terror himself. He is a man shrouded in mysteries and secrets thriving in darkness. His monotonous life took a turn when his path crosses captivating and fascinating Regina. Years after when he saw her again, she was no longer the Regina he had seen in that nightclub. She was broken, slave to someone, waiting to be bought in an auction. Sold as a sex slave to Paul, Regina is bound to Paul with a contract. But every contract has an expiry date. Will Paul be able to let go of Regina when the obligation in the contract is fulfilled, especially after she awakens some feelings that he never knew existed within him.? Will Regina forget her betrayal, her suffering, as she started falling in love with Paul? Will she let go of her determination for revenge, just to stay with the man she calls Master? Note - Please share and support for more chapters per week. ____________ For getting in touch with the author and some new stuff and updates: Instagram - Author_Madym

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This story was amazing. I am a little shy about reading things like this. PG13 but I finished reading due to the fluidity of the narration of the author. It was a nice smooth sailing ship in the sea. All in all, a good read! Gambatte author nim!


This is a well-written book among the new books. It has an interesting plot, I love the characters and this is one of the books that make you want to binge read it at one go. keep going author.


The story is great, and very hot sometimes. Your writing style is unique, and it goes to show from the chapters you released. I have read the few chapters of this novel and I can't hide my eagerness to read more of it. However, there is one thing that I'd like to point at. The story is very descriptive and easy to understand. But the best way to deliver the dialogues or scenes is to show, not tell. The words like "said" and "replied" and redundantly used. It would be better if you can show her expression or the actions rather than descriptive words. Besides that, I think this work is very seductive and hot~


This is some intense stories I have ever read. But I love it. The R18 content aside the plot is very thick but still flows smoothly. I love the way how author made this very moving and romantic!!!!! A unique book but definetly a great work!!!!!!


There's something unique about your writing style, which stands out from the chapters you've released. It gets me eager to read more of it, and one point, in particular, stands out. However, it would have been better if the dialogues or scenes were portrayed by showing, not telling. It would have been better if you gave a sense of her personality or seen her action instead of descriptions. But not counting that I got no complaints.


This is not a story I would normally read. But to me, a story is a story and you did pretty well for the first chapter. It has potential for it's genre but I have to say. You have a lot of run on sentences, and your grammar can use a little work. Besides that, your story got to the point and gave out great visuals. Keep going, I can see this being a great story for those who enjoy this genre. I'll probably come back and keep reading for myself to be honest.


The Synopsis is very catchy as you can see your yourself, the plot and story content is worth reading, the use of words and phrases made this story wonderful too. However, this book needs a more precise cover.


After reading many book with r-18 containt this one caught my attention. A book full of steamy and hot scene but it also didn't out look the main story line. This story is full package of love, betrayal, heart break, suspens and , thriller. Writing quality: Writing quality of the book is good. As Write already has some experience from other book. Updating stability: Writer won't starve you guys. Chapter updating is regular as far as I have seen. Story development: The story will develop in two parts it will take u on roller coaster of past and present event. Character design ; all the characters are crafted very finely, With unique personality and traits. World background: the story settings is in mordon world but writer has done good job in describing every thing properly. Overall the story is amazing and trust me you won't feel boring for a second while reading it. Even though the name suggested the smuty story it won't lack in aspects of proper and unique story line. Good work dear author.[img=update][img=update][img=update]


Beautiful work! I love how much detail thats put into all the characters! I feel like when I am reading, I really know there personalities, their emotions, their struggles. The author has a wonderfully descriptive style of writing, and doesnt shy away from giving backstories either, which is something I tend to see people do. I really enjoyed the plot, how fast paced it was, and overall the writing is superb.


This is well written story. I love how this story developed. The conversations were smooth, and I love the author's way telling about the past. Each character left deep impression. This is so good!


This is soo good! Aside from I don't really read a book with a R-18 tag 😊 but the plot is nice. Good job, author! Good luck, have a good day!


The book is so interesting... The plot is amazing, the style of writing is kinda interesting too. Not to mention the very attractive title. I love everything about this book so far 😍


This is a very spicy story. Verrry spicy. Not just with R18 scenes, but with the whole D/s approach. Characters are pretty much abusive to each other on nearly every level, and that theme of abuse sits at the core of the story. This is a great novel, especially for anyone who can relate. There are w few technical issues, but none that get in the way of the story itself. Characters are realistic, and dialogue is quite snappy. Great work, author!


This story is amazing! Deserves a five star! I don't usually read mature stories for I think it's cringe but THIS IS GOOD NO KIDDING. I've finished all the chapters and I want more. You did pretty well on the chapters and your writing style is superb. This story makes me drink to much water for sometimes it's steaming hot. I'm looking forward for more chapters to come! Adding this masterpiece to my library!


Yer english is much better than mine, and also has a great writing style. Although I'm a little bit envious, imma support yer novel. Please keep the chapters coming


This story is really quite something! I simply adore the main character and i am curious for what holds for her in the story. I like the way you describe the plot and the story as well, since it makes you imagine quite vividly. Overall, this story is truly unique and i shall definitely add it is my library!


The plot is unique. I am very interested to see where the story goes, and don't worry about the pace. Go at your own pace. Quality over quantity, you'd be making people want more. Good uck.


This story made me hot on my toes. The writing style is well written and the flow of the story is decent and it's not too fast nor not too slow. The MCs are well portrayed and the author justified thoroughly explaining the MCs. Looking forward to reading more chapters. added to my library. Highly recommend it for reading. Keep up the good work, Author!


Reveal spoiler


If you are looking for a hot and steamy novel then I would recommend this book. It is nice and the writer has done a very good job writing this piece,,, cheers to the author for a job well done.


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