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I’m Really a Superstar

I’m Really a Superstar

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world! It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this new world! Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous! Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

Chang Yu · Magical Realism
What man denied

What man denied

Zhang Lou has been placed in this world for the most part alone and he is on his path to restore what was ripped from him as a child. His world is nothing but shattered memories and confusion. Even his bloodline has been slandered after they were wiped out by the Xiao family which have taken over china and are pursuit of the rest of the world. Does Zhang Lou have the power to correct things and bring back peace? Will he avenge his people and himself?

JayAOS · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings