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Cloudland · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

When The Rain Stops

When the rain stops, everything is new, refreshed, reborn. When the rain stops, it starts again pouring even harder, longer, darker, sadder. When the rain stops, you can't help but breathe. Mahina Stelle and Terre Feu have no idea the other exists and have no means to change that. Mahina lives in the busy city with her mom and younger brother while Terre lives the quiet, small farm town with his massive family of four sisters, three brothers, two nieces, and three nephews plus his parents and grandparents. When Mahina's mother goes to the Feu Family Bakery and meets Terre, all Mahina wants is for her mother to stop talking about the Bakery Boy. Mahina's mom has been trying to get her a boyfriend since the day she broke things off with her ex-fiance, Kennedy. What she didn't know was that Mahina had been battling depression since then. Mahina decides to go with her mother to the Feu Family Bakery and meets the man her mother wouldn't stop talking about. What seems to Mahina as just a simple conversation and way too many messed up pretzels will lead to so much more, When The Rain Stops.

JessicaRenee · Teen
Not enough ratings