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Great Company

Great Company

Sean is a failed man from a planet named TERRA, he becomes a homeless bum, one day he was died, but he did not go to heaven he arrived at awake with a strange man's body and saw a strange sight. And he discovered that this is an alien planet called Earth technology here is very backward Sean found that this was a blessing given by God to realize his ambition of making a GREAT COMPANY.

QINTHIL · Sci-fi
Owner of Everything

Owner of Everything

John smith was a owner of a invest firm at the age of 50 years old but one day when he was walking across the street a car ran a red light and hit he died and was rebirth 30 years before to the year 1990. And gained the finical system.Now he has the chance to buy and own stocks different areas in america economy before it takes off like how it was in 2020.

Jmoney713 · Magical Realism
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