Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick
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Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick


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What is Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick

Herbs & Lotions - The Busy Life of Alfraed Logick is a popular web novel written by the author PWS, covering QUEST, MAGIC, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, MONSTER, BUSINESS, DUNGEONS, COMEDY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 20.9K readers . The novel is being serialized to 43 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world where magic lives and mysterious civilization found... Alfraed Logick is the owner of "Herbs & Lotions", a newly opened shop that sells medicine, potion, and lotion, as well as provides customers with free refreshment, all made by himself. In developing his new business to become the biggest in the world, he will encounters heroes, kings, elder dragons, demon lords, demigods, and many more, some become trusted friends, some bitter enemies, and one of them is the love of his life. But, at the moment, he has to find ways to bring customers to his novel shop and make purchases. This is the story of his busy life to acquire the lifestyle he always dreamed of. ------- Release rate is, at least, once a week. And, if you liked the story, kindly put this novel in your library and post comments/reviews. Thank you

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Metaphorica and action mixed in perfection! The narration was at its finest and was a game maker in this novel. I am engrossed with a variety of words and my tongue feels like a poet dancing in the words whilst playing while I read. This is phenomenal, I got to read these kinds of novels to improve my vocabulary! Kudos! Quality at its finest!


I am giving you five stars!!! I really love this!!! The first part made me already fall in love. It is very well written and very interesting, you did a great job illustrating the scenes in the first chapter. It's proved to me that your writing is on the highest level. I salute you! And I never expect that there would be actions here, I thought this would be some mild adventure story about a doctor? OMG! I thought it was because the title and book cover is cute. Sorry about that, LOl! In any way, your skills in writing are very great and this story is the biggest proof. Adding this to my library!


The first thing that pops up when reading this book is the detailed way in which the author brings the novel to life and as someone who loves anything paranormal, It's refreshing to see such good quality. Amazing work author 👍👍


My thoughts are that the writing quality is perfectly fine no noticeable grammar errors. The story was compellingly it engaged the reader to keep going. The only real problem is that the characters were a bit long people have short attention spans. trust me on that I've had complaints about that.


Below is concept art of Emma the fox girl that first appeared in CHAPTER 003. Before writing, I have always liked to draw. Thus, will try to add more arts in the future.


The writing itself is top notch. Most of the rest is a bit early to tell, but I can say one thing. The writing is solid. My only real gripe is that the spacing in the chapter itself is a bit odd. I would just go through and put some spaces between paragraphs for ease of reading. Otherwise a fantastic start.


Hi, author here! This is my first attempt writing a complete novel. So, I'm going to encourage myself and give 5 stars! [img=recommend] The first twenty chapters are basically introduction, and the story will progress afterward. Kindly give it a try and put it in your library. [img=recommend]


Just made a new cover by myself. Hope my drawing and coloring can clearly define the image of Alfraed Logick, and the background shows how busy he is.


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