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Academy Unknown

Academy Unknown

****Warning: Will contain reference and images about rape, bullying, and depression. Viewer digression is advised**** Amelia is different from her family and she’s known for as long as she could remember that they weren’t her true family. She could feel it in her bones, and she could smell the strange scent from them to where she knew they weren’t like her. They weren’t werewolves. She is an adopted daughter of a family with two biological girls and another adopted son, who Amelia adores and protects with her life. The only problem with that is that he’s deathly sick, and she knows he is. Anytime he bleeds, he loses years worth of his life. Amelia searches for an answer leading her to an academy of supernaturals who say they have the answer to his illness, but she has to prove herself worthy to gain access to the school first...

LiviLove · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings