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    Lumia: Other World

    Witness the story of hired assassin that got reincarnated to the world of Lumia. He became a  curious child that wanted to master anything that piqued his interest. He will face serious challenges to save this world and get stronger as time goes by. Upon finding difficulties in this world, he wanted to master all Job Classes;  Ranger, Rogue, Knight, Warrior, Fighter, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Swordsman, he dreams of mastering them all. He will climb to the top to fight his enemies. Meeting someone who gave him a chance to master all Job Classes, he strives to master and get it all. While the world was at peace, a rebellion on the heavenly realm shook the world, and the former Angels became Fallens. Pouring out the wrath to the inhabitants of Lumia and brought the world into a dark age. Angels gave the gift called Systems to the chosen ones. The ones that will fight for the entire races' survival. The Kings rose to stand, the Heroes were searched for help, and young ones joined the Academy to get stronger. The world was in chaos, the survival of the entire race and the greater enemy's defeat is all at stake. Join Mael throughout his journey to solve his crisis and dilemmas in the world of Lumia. Disclaimer: There is no copyright infringement intended. I give credits to the real owner and I am not the real owner of the cover. If the owner wants to take down the cover just let me know. Please support me: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Mel_Aniv

    Mel_Aniv · Fantasy
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    Mages of the North: The Adventure Begins

    When a sickness of unknown origin destroys their home, Floris Fetcher and Alvis Era are forced to leave their old lives behind them and begin anew. Having only ever stayed in the area surrounding their isolated village in Fiorra's South Swamp, the two young boys experience a culture shock they never could have expected by being thrust into an 18th-century world and seeing things they never thought imaginable. The boys embark on a journey to find the Mages' Guild to hone their skills and begin a new life. Along the way, they encounter new friends, enemies, places, and challenges that will not only test their personal strengths but also the strength of their friendship. "Mages of the North" is a fantasy series that was originally inspired by "Naruto" and "The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion". It focuses heavily on character development, world-building, and exploration, while also having a bit of action and comedy in it.

    Dalton_Reutlinger · Fantasy
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    Lord Of Underground

    I'll let you know right away that this is the first time I'm taking up writing, also constructive criticism would be appreciated, English is not my native language, also I'm using the help of a translator, and Grammarly, information about mistakes would be welcome. The first 3 chapters will be a prologue about the last moments of an old soul inhabiting a body - Yes, the MC will be a different person, a bit.... scarier Additional tags: GORE, MUCH GORE, EVIL MC Synopsis: A demon born on the lowest floor of hell gathered power for hundreds of thousands of years, eating his sisters, killing his brothers, finally came to the throne, his only descendant, betrayed him, poisoned him, stripping him of most of his power, in his final moments he sent the seed of his soul to a random side of the universe, which sat in a random young man named Derek, the Demon came to life years later and whispered in the back of Derek's ear to create the perfect vessel until finally taking over the body, the Demon wanted revenge on the entire underworld. Also, I don't know how to write the best synopsis, but yes - the person who appears in the first chapters is not the MC, he will be a temporary character during the first 3 chapters - Prologues, from about chapter 4 we will learn the genesis of our MC and finally get to the main story

    Czeko · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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