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Lumia: Other World


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What is Lumia: Other World

Lumia: Other World is a popular web novel written by the author Mel_Aniv, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, LEVELING, ACTION, ANGELS AND DEMONS, KNIGHTS AND MAGIC, SPIRITYAWARDSSPRING2020, DUNGEONS AND BOSSES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 814K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 124 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 211 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Witness the story of hired assassin that got reincarnated to the world of Lumia. He became a  curious child that wanted to master anything that piqued his interest. He will face serious challenges to save this world and get stronger as time goes by. Upon finding difficulties in this world, he wanted to master all Job Classes;  Ranger, Rogue, Knight, Warrior, Fighter, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Swordsman, he dreams of mastering them all. He will climb to the top to fight his enemies. Meeting someone who gave him a chance to master all Job Classes, he strives to master and get it all. While the world was at peace, a rebellion on the heavenly realm shook the world, and the former Angels became Fallens. Pouring out the wrath to the inhabitants of Lumia and brought the world into a dark age. Angels gave the gift called Systems to the chosen ones. The ones that will fight for the entire races' survival. The Kings rose to stand, the Heroes were searched for help, and young ones joined the Academy to get stronger. The world was in chaos, the survival of the entire race and the greater enemy's defeat is all at stake. Join Mael throughout his journey to solve his crisis and dilemmas in the world of Lumia. Author: Mel_Aniv Reviser: Mel_Aniv Editor: AngeDCruz Rewriter:AngeDCruz Proofreader: AngeDCruz Mentor: AngeDCruz Content Editor: JJeditor

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Hello! The author here! I am currently editng my work from scratch so there will be delays on my release. Remastering and revising my work with the help of my editor and proofreader. I will improve my writings and may you bear with me. That's all.


Planning and plotting of story is good. Author has invested a lot of time and effort. Story comes out to be good a read. Would expect author to release more chapters. Grammar is quite okay. Please continue writing.


Bit of a slow start but developing into more complex story as it moves along. Good character setups, glad everyone is not out to get the mc. Mc doesn't overly rely on past life knowledge for overpower strength like other novels. Refreshing take on isekai type novels.


Very good story plot, and it caught my interest keep it up author, more updates to come haha char lang english lang sa una para choi haha but I you give my full support kuy padayon lang godbless


I like how the story goes. And the character who is getting more stronger as he grows older, but he is already strong in his previous life. The plot is great, can wait to finish reading this novel.


im going to read your book it looks really interesting but most of all i like your synopsis and also good luck in your upcoming books!!......


Let me take a minute to process everything..... This was nice! A whole new level kind of nice! A heart tearing kind of nice that left us, readers, feeling emotional and passionate and...man I'm so touched. This is a one in a million kind of nice. You did a good job there author! I wish you luck on your writing journey! I look forward to more of your incoming chapters. Hands raised to you! Keep up the good work!


I was already hooked after reading the synopsis, and the first chapter was really really good! Keep it up author, and keeo updating it! I'll continue to read this story because it's really very good!!!


I like that despite the fast pacing of the first few chapters of Mael Growing up, you still keep it realistic. The MC is strong and talented which amazed his parents, but his genius still can't easily beat experience during the coming of age chapters when fighting his father. This is a good story, and there's a lot of chapter which I can spend a lot of time to read during my free time!!


The system is standard, characters were well written, may be a little to much explaining and the chapters were quite short. Overall it smelled the scent of a new author , who tries hard..... keep up the good work.


It's a nice read, absolutely. I enjoy the intrigue it holds with each chapter. The kingdom building, I think the author really tried and ran alot of research to be able to bring up so many ancient terminologies and battle formations. It's exciting! Author should work on English tenses and keep updating! Cheers


Well that's a great story hope the author will release more chp 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Thanks for the novel 😀😊😁😄😅😉😉😐😯😇😇😆😂😂😁😂😀😁😊😊😀😅😄😯😍😐😐😝😐😀😁😁😄😅😯😆😇😐😂😆😂😁😀😅😄😆😯😆😯😇😯😇😆😂😆😊😀😁😂😄




Sorry, I try to be thorough with my reviews so there will not be sugar-coating here. Writing Quality: 4/5 There are shifts in tenses as you write, which becomes a bit distracting as I try to read. Namely, you switch between the past and present tenses, and some parts that should be a certain tense is instead put in another. Stability of Updates: 5/5 You said daily so I'm taking your word for it. Story Development: 4/5 Sorry for docking off another point, but the beginning didn't quite hook me in as much as anticipated. Since the first chapter was a bit more info-dumping that was somewhat already directly stated in your synopsis, it was hard for me to become super caught in the storyline. After reading a bit, it got better, but I advise adding a better hook. Character Design: 5/5 Pretty standard for novels of this type. World Background: 5/5 Gourmet_DAO pointed this out I think, but I'll just briefly mention it again. Sometimes, the slang does catch me a bit off guard. But since you said it's a similar universe, I suppose it doesn't subtract from your novel. All in all, good luck! I tried to read a bit more in-depth before giving a review, so take everything with a grain of doubt. But next time, I would prefer it if you just tagged me in forums instead ^-^


Hello author-san! This is commend the author for writing a good narrative for this story. I was plunged into this unique world. I must say that it was fast paced, but I get it that the author wants the reader to dive in already into this new world. Keep up the good job!


I good plot. I like how the story goes ,the synopsis is good, the first chapter literally caught off guard, you have a very complex story and that is good. Keep up with the good work.


The story is amazing! I am hooked with story's ups and downs. Please continue this work👌 I'm totally looking forward to the new chapters 😍 btw, I'm from the review swap


Nice work! I loved the MC's personality and also the description of the scenes. Although what I don't understand is why are the chapters divided? I think it would be better if you will just place dividers to prevent the readers from getting confused. This is only my opinion, it's still up to you. Still, I applaud your work and good job! Well-written.


Hi and awesome job! I've only read a few chapters so far but I can't wait to go deeper into the story. I found the pace and build up refreshing for the genre. I'll add to my collection because I'm sure there's more in store for Mael's journey! Thank you for the swap and good luck as well with your work!


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