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  • Dragonball : Super Raditz

    Reborn as Raditz, he found himself with a hole in his chest, a critical situation yes, but not one without solution. With a strong willpower and sharp mind, Raditz would rise to become the strongest being alive.

    ImagineMaker · Anime & Comics
  • Reborn in Dragon Ball as Son Goten: Start Bonus Ultra Instinct-Sign

    Disclaimer?: The purpose of author in this AU was to make it similar to Future Trunks timeline, where in this timeline only Goten was a survivor and the world was without hope. Since it's Goten's story, it starts with few years after Cell saga. If it was Trunks story, it would start with few years after Android saga. ........................... Synopsis: .......................... It has been three years since Jiang Hui transmigrated to the world of Dragon Ball. His soul merged and took over the body of a four year old Goten . After transmigrating, he realized that the timeline he was in was f*cked up. All the Z-fighters died at the hands of Cell in the Cell Games and now were refusing to be resurrected for some reason. He was the only warrior left to protect the earth if one ignored the dead beat old man Roshi and little bald head Krillin. In desperation, not wanting to die, he trained desperately for three years and mastered the full power of Super Saiyan transformation, but still struggled to break through to Super Saiyan II. Just when Goten feels extremely frustrated about not being able to break through to Super Saiyan II, and is ready to accept his grim fate, a system notification rings in his mind. His golden finger, a god-level attribute picking system, finally appeared after three years of transmigration. The system activates and issues a novice gift package Ultra Instinct - Sign. This newfound power might be the key to defeating Cell and protecting the Earth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys, I have been working on this fanfic for a while and finally decided to share it with you guys. This is a translated work, but I have made sure to filter out all the kinks and unpleasant name mistakes and other errors from it. But since it's my first translation work, it might be a bit lacking. I will be uploading the whole work, at the moment of upload, I have around 50 chapters left which I need to work on, and then re-refine the previously done chapters before uploading. Basically I have to re-read 3 times before uploading to make sure there aren't some discrepancies. For the curious fellas out there wondering what's the chinese raws: Name: 我!孙悟天,开局奖励自在极意功 English translation would be: I! Son Goten, Starting With The Secret of the Self-centered Sign By author: 赛亚龙珠 English translation would be: Saiyan in Dragon Ball You don't have to worry about me dropping mid way. And once the final touches are done, I might speed up the upload rate to finish the work here. I am a student, so sometimes, my real life work might interfere with my upload rate. But dontchu worry :D I got you guys. Doing this work, I learned that translation was hard work. Took over an hour and half to refine a single chapter, that too when i was just refining the stuff, before uploading have to re-read it twice to make sure everything is in order... 0_0 Kudos to those kind strangers for giving us those gems. (GPT doesn't count, it fuc*s up the feel of the chapter that one would get by working on it himself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you plan on negatively reviewing this book, please do so after reading till 50 or 60 chapters (You can skim read it). Because I know that some readers might have nothing but negative reviews due to early plot development lol. Those unpleasant developments get a closure around chapter 63 or 68 (I think).

    Clay_Champion · Anime & Comics
  • Transmigrated With A Time Chamber In DxD

    "Okay guys. Time to settle an argument. If you were to reincarnate in DxD, what race would you choose and why?" Some choose dragons. Some choose yokai. Others choose devils and another few, angels. In an era where gods exist and a myriad of races populate the planet, Igor made the most uncanny of choices. As for what it was, read on and find out. Available on Fanfiction.net and RoyalRoad with the same title name.

    HolyGambler · Anime & Comics
  • DBZ : Original Timeline Gohan

    This is a translation Raw Name : Dragon Ball, this Son Gohan is too amazing! 龙珠,这个孙悟饭过于逆天! By Author : 猫毛卯帽 Raw Status : 228 Chapter Travel through a desperate Dragon Ball Original Timeline world and become Son Gohan with one arm and a scar on his face. It looks like a hellish start, but Son Gohan, who crawled out of his grave, was grinning. Oh, despair? Look at me defeating all the bosses while chatting and laughing, and reaching the top of the universe. What? System? What do I need a system for if I'm Gohan?

    GarudaTranslation · Anime & Comics
  • Anime is an Outer God's Playground

    CURRENT WORLD: Danmachi (Part 2) *Warning: Is wish fulfillment with a huge pokemon harem, there will be slow pace and development at need and MC bangs every girl in harem* Want a break from the ads— I mean... Want a description of this fic ? Fine. Akira, a normal human gets reincarnated into an Anime World with three wishes, thanks to the ROB. "If I can't wish for Omnipotence, then I'll create a scenario where I become absurdly OP in day one !" He said. And that's what happened, "I got you homie!" The ROB laughed. Day 1- "It's only being one day— It feels like a thousand centuries... The power of [Boundless Records] is forcefully changing my personality..." Corrupted by the power of infinite knowledge, Akira becomes an Outer God with the ability to travel worlds and seduce any women he wants throughout the vast multiverse! "This is the birth of a new Outer God!" A####### shouted. ―――――― [ Three/ Fours Chapters a week in WN. 20 Daily Chapters Ahead in my Patreon: Patreon.com/skyfall12 ] NO NTR OR FORCED IN ANY KIND! This is a wish fulfillment fic with cruel characters and twisted beings that don't flinch at death or torture. MC is an anti-hero (Not too evil, reasonable, generous but not a nice person) You can expect: • ABSURDLY OVERPOWERED MC ! • POKEMON MULTIVERSAL HAREM ! • REGULAR R18 AND AROUSING CONTENT ! • SLOW-PACED ROMANCE AT NEED ! And most importantly... CONSTANT UPLOAD!! ――Worlds―― Tensura/ DxD/ Overlord/ HOTD/ Akame Ga Kill/ Overgeared/ Chainsaw Man/ Outer Realm/ Danmachi... ――Additional Tags―― Evil mc, cruel characters, antihero mc, cruel mc, wish fulfillment, Isekai, outer god, multiverse, Omniverse, harem, pokemon harem, big harem, Tensura, slime anime, highschool dxd, DxD, anime, animeverse, nsfw, R18 story, Dragonball, Danmachi, helltaker, fate, fate grand order, yandere, invincible, overpowered, Multiverse fanfiction, Crossover, Multiverse fic, multiverse-travelling, multiverse traveling with wish fulfillment, multiverse-travelling, anime worlds, sandbox, playground, evil mc, devil mc, demon mc, killer mc, serial killer mc, wicked mc, psychopathic mc, evil characters, slavery

    LXVE_MuRdxR69 · Anime & Comics
  • Dragon Ball Alternative

    "If there's a world like Dragon Ball out there, then I was born in the wrong world." That was the thought Ajax has had all his life. The boring, normal world he lives in is a far cry from the world of Dragon Ball that he adored as a child. Shackled to a monotonous existence, he had expected to live out the rest of his days with little to hope for. Little did he expect that destiny had a different path in mind. In a twist of fate, Ajax found himself thrust into the fantastical realm he had dreamt of! The downside? He’s nine years old, essentially penniless, and has no system whatsoever to help him. Fantastic. Great! He’ll beat Frieza by making him laugh to death! What's worse, the universe he landed in doesn’t seem to adhere to the canon he remembers… Disclaimer: Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT, DBS, and other DB spin-offs are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. Any content and references made belong to their respective owners. Anything original in here that I wouldn’t get sued for belongs to me. :) Cover image belongs to Ispeakforf2p!

    Equuleus_Nox · Anime & Comics
  • Dragon Ball: Back in Black

    Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger the universe, but multiple universes. Given the body of Goku Black and a few other items, this reborn Saiyan will have to transcend his limits time and time again in order to become the strongest. This is the story of a Saiyan who will become the strongest mortal in the universe. In all of the universes.

    OmniSpectra · Anime & Comics
  • Starting from becoming the King of Saiyans

    Lin Chen transmigrates to the Dragon Ball world and unexpectedly awakens the Strongest selection system. “Defeat Frieza and prevent the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Reward: Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.” “Choice 2: Defeat Supreme Kai. Reward: Supreme Kai’s powers..…… *This is a fan translated novel by me * You can support me on my patreon for extra chapters https://www.patreon.com/dmtranslations

    dm95 · Anime & Comics
  • Dragon Ball: Sex Stories

    A bunch of sex stories set in the dragon ball universe. (all characters that appear in these stories are 18+) chapters release once a week or more Please vote with Powerstones or leave a review. let me know if there are any specific smut stories you might want in the review.

    Mad_man13 · Anime & Comics
  • DragonBall White

    What would happen if two goku exist in the same timeline. Raised by different people with different environments and different expectations.

    Linxxjinx · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • I'm Gohan!

    Ugh, I never expected that my life would end like this. My life was in vain, I didn't get anything important. Damn... Wait a moment! It was not over! With this new opportunity I will become the strongest warrior in Dragon Ball, you will see it! Here my legend begins, I'm Gohan!

    LordPhenex026 · Anime & Comics
  • Fantasy Evolution

    I did not own any rights to any of the fantasy world settings but every thing other than that is my own creation. --------------- volume 1: beginning volume 2: treasure island volume 3: high school of the dead volume 4: titanic volume 5: black lagoon volume 6: Mummy, the fruit of grisaia volume 7: sherlock holmes volume 8: jormungand volume 9: pirates of the Caribbean volume 10: naruto volume 11: in time volume 12: survival event volume 13: K project volume 14: Food wars volume 15: attack on titans Volume 16: soul land 1 Why should god and devil fight? Why should good and evil fight? Even if they fight who arranged them fight? Of course I know the answer for this question. Something that is right in front of your eyes but it is so hard to find sigh… ……… This world is too boring for me sigh…. What is this strange world? Why am I in a movie? What this is the real world and the one that I have been living is just a sanctuary. This fantasy world can make every literary work into a different world movies, anime, novels and even games…….. What the hell is all this place….. Hey why should I build my own city here….. Military rank I am not in the army……..

    souryourer · Others
  • Dragonball X: The Ultimate System [Different Path]

    This is a Story Centered around a man named Luke. Luke ordered what he believed to be normal collectible Dragon Balls from online. He wanted to add them to his set of Dragonball Z items but found that they were much more than what he thought, like way more! Things take a different turn compared to the original of this story. He is the brother of Raditz and Goku but the middle brother who was born at the same time as Goku/ Kakarot. The original is still being written but this is a different turn in fate.

    Monster_Paradise · Anime & Comics
  • Dragonball kenichi

    I am reborn in Kenichi But as a Saiyan with a system now I will become the strongest man alive this is an au multiverse fanfic

    ian_brooks · Anime & Comics
  • Dragon Ball One Power Level Per Second

    Having traversed to the world of Dragon Ball and becoming a Saiyan baby, Lin Chuan started with a power level of 50 points and carried the Infinity Power Enhancement System. What? Activating the system requires going to Earth! Twenty years later, when Lin Chuan embarked on his interstellar journey, thinking that his path to rise would begin, little did he know that he would be trapped for over twenty years on the planet V3114. But, the spaceship must reach its destination before traveling to other planets. When he arrived, the invaded planet was in the midst of an apocalypse due to a meteor impact in the Ice Age. The spaceship was broken and could not engage in interstellar travel. Faced with a pile of problems, the only thing Lin Chuan could do was to survive and become stronger. ... Until one day, when Lin Chuan's power level reached 15,000 points, a spaceship from the Frieza Army arrived.

    nyawdao4 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • DragonBall N

    A boy was reborn as Son Goten.

    30022 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Dragonball Z: Becoming the brother of Goku

    After purchasing Dragon Balls online for $30 and making a wish, he unexpectedly finds himself transported to the world of Dragon Ball! However, his fate takes a tragic turn as he becomes the overlooked and often forgotten brother of a legendary hero: Raditz! But who's to say that Raditz cannot surpass everyone else? Possessing the hair of a Super Saiyan III, he has nothing to fear and everything to gain! __________ If any of you want to support me and read chapters ahead go to my patreon. patreon.com/Blaze987

    Blaze987 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered]

    This is a story centered around a man named Luke who was coming from watching the New Dragonball Super Broly Movie. Sadly, Luke gets into a car accident, ending his life. Luke will be given a second chance of his choosing, meaning he can choose which world to reincarnate in. Anyone can probably guess what he will pick. He asked to be Goku and Raditz's brother but the one in between, so he is the middle brother now. Watch as Kayn(Luke) Rises to power against all the villains that invade the earth with the help of all the Z fighters and some extras who should have died in the main series or non-canon series.

    Monster_Paradise · Anime & Comics
  • Saitama In Dragonball

    Stepping into the world of Dragon Ball, Saitama transforms into One-Punch Man! Is Majin Buu causing trouble? Just one punch! God of Destruction Beerus showing up? My normal punch will do just fine! The formidable Angel Whis? Let's get to know each other up close and personal. The Grand Priest seeking vengeance for his son? He should brace himself for an unending barrage of serious punches! Zeno reigning supreme across all universes? Well, he hasn't encountered Saitama yet! ----- *MTL Translation - Original Link: mtlnation.com/novel/dragon-ball-i-am-one-punch-man*

    72G · Anime & Comics
  • A ninja who is always hungry

    Our protagonist meets a being named Rob after suffering the strangest truck accident in history and discovers that his abrupt death is the result of a bet, a rigged one. Rob promises him compensation for it and without much thought, he decides to grant him something else in line with his true wishes. I do not own Naruto or any other universe that will appear, except for the MC. The cover has been generated by an AI after many attempts. I read constructive ideas and suggestions because this is the first time I have written in this way, unlike my other previous books. This time I do it to entertain myself and disconnect a bit and if someone has a problem, they can read something else.

    Cadenadeaventuras · Anime & Comics