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Dragon Ball twelve modifiers

Hayama traveled and was reborn as a Saiyan baby in Dragon Ball. After crossing into the high-risk and high-strength Dragon Ball world, Ye Shan said that he was too panicked. Fortunately, there are still benefits for travelers. Twelve Modifiers Version 1.0! F110 times the training speed! Let you feel the sourness that your cultivation is like sitting on a rocket! ~ F210 times savvy! ! There are no martial arts moves in this world that I can't learn, just let me take a look. Just a glance! F3 unlimited strength! ! Just look at the name! ! F4 .............................................. has twelve items Modifier, Ye Shan said, slaughtering gods and destroying Buddhas is a breeze~~! ------------------------------------------------------ This fan-fic is not mine, all property is the original author I will only publish.

povmcpixel · Fantasy
220 Chs

The legendary Saiyan in a fairy's world

Cheelai's wish to the dragon went a bit differently, sending Broly in a completely different reality. How will this magical world, filled with mages and guilds react with his sudden presence? Beware for the legendary Saiyan has arrived!

NimtheWriter · Fantasy
36 Chs

The dragon ball universe alternate.

AP_Abijaai_Prabu · Fantasy
67 Chs

I Have a Hotel in Another World

The system took him to another world, and now he is the host of a hotel where the guests are characters from all the different fictional novels like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Marvel. "Rock Lee, what happened to your hair? Why are you doing the One Punch Man training?" "What did you say? So Jiraiya is married to Tsunade, and the Fourth Hokage didn't die because Jiraya knocked the beast out with a single slap on its face?" "Sanji from One Piece knocked everyone out with Conqueror Haki during the battle of Marineford? Should it have been Luffy instead?" These changes in the countless world are due to one hotel host from another planet.

SovereignKlord · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
25 Chs

Reborn in Dragon Ball as Son Gohan

I don’t own Dragon ball, Z,GT or Super along with any other series. First time trying anything like this so just keep that in mind, and pls don't write hateful reviews calling my fix trash, you can give me constructive criticism, but be nice.

hyorinmaru · Action
Not enough ratings
41 Chs

Reborn as Kakarot

I don't know what's going on I don't know why it's me but I will make the most of it. also at least a chap a week Sorry it's so little I don't have that much time to write in real life. ____________________________________________ The front cover is not mine I found it on the internet Also, it's an AU since I don't like a lot of stuff the original did plus all the plot holes.

Xeno_Xavier · Fantasy
7 Chs

Here's Buu in MCU

What happens when something else besides a 'Magic hammer' falls from the sky? let's find out. Will he be earth's greatest hero? or greatest destroyer? Find out next time on dragonb- Buu in MCU. I do not own MCU or DBZ only OC

BigBuu · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

What if goku was in highschool dxd

What if goku was in highschool dxd. Were going to used manga goku will all of this abilities but he is around the age of a high schooler. Meaning Perfect Master Ultra instinct and all of goku's abilities. This happens before the rating match and the story will continue on before the rating match. No! Goku will not get a harem. Goku isn't the guy to have one.

Greater_Oat · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
26 Chs