Zombies in town Book

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Zombies in town


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Have you ever dreamed of the world falling apart? Maybe not but that's not the same to Jessica Walton. A serum was created by a group of scientist headed by Gaius and given to Jessica unknowingly. This serum was meant to aid the effect of the time traveling machine. Gaius suspected Charles and the fact that he was a convicted criminal who was caught experimenting on different species for a reason unknown to any of them. So, he needed someone to go into the future. The serum made it look as though Jessica was sleeping but what she didn't know was that the future she saw in her dream was fast approaching. Charles has succeeded in creating a vaccine that effects humans and makes them alive even after death. Now, it's left to Jessica and the man she saw in her dream to save the world but how? After managing to find the antivirus, it turned out that the cells kept recreating. And the people they gave the antivirus to, turned into zombies again, leaving the world in ruin. Well, Max stood up again, with Jessica. He discovered that the real solution lies in Jessica blood.


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