Yudham- The war that trembled all the Planes
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Yudham- The war that trembled all the Planes


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What is Yudham- The war that trembled all the Planes

Yudham- The war that trembled all the Planes is a popular web novel written by the author LloveSsick, covering KINGDOM-BUILDING, REINCARNATION, WAR, GODS, GAMBLING, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 89.7K readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 22 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 44 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


He is prince destined to be the Emperor one day since born in Imperial Clan. He is blessed with everything, a good caring teacher, a forthright supporting forefather, uncles, ministers and sworn brothers. But never had he imagined that the same destiny has some cruel plans for his clan, the destruction of clan by his hands. He will lead a war and kill his teacher, his forefather, his uncles, ministers. A Game A Bet and everything will set into motion.


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At a first look,the book is historical but further it's more than just history. Intriguing, fascinating, outstanding and thrilling. Reading this book gets me in my personal world and fantasy. The author himself is a fluent writer,the grammar is okay and the book is well detailed and descriptive. Thumbs up 👍


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The world backgrounds is really nice and fresh. Using the Indian mythology, the author really done a good job for it! This world background would definitely something refreshing and unique to other stories out there. Nicely done, author!


Love this book! The world building is very well done and I saw some comments saying this is based on Indian mythology. So, I have to applaud the author for his research then. I really appreciate the effort esp when you lay down the details of the clan. I find this book has a very intriguing plot. The synopsis is also well-written. It got me hooked at first glance. The only thing I have to advice will be the formatting and the transition as well as sentence structure. In some parts, I find the writing doesn’t flow that smoothly. It is still understandable but I stammer through the sentence so I have to re-read it again. Besides that, everything else is good! Good job author and keep up the good work! 😁


Well after reading the novel, I can tell that it has many similarities to Mahabharata but it is not exact copy of it but taking reference from that so it's good. As there are still few chapters I can't say much about characters or world and the only problem I have is the grammar and other than that it's good.


Other than the writing quality, I'm assuming English isn't you first language, this story reminds me one of epic proportions, like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. My only complaint is that you don't say who is speaking, which is really annoying at times, so if you could fix that, that would be great. Other than that, great read so far, and I'm excited to read more from you.


The story is great with all its Eastern-ish vibe with bloody fights. The storytelling is quite confusing for my part as there were chapters that I find vague and small grammatical errors were noticed. Yet, it can be understood along the way. I would like to point two things to the story. First, the additional description may require for a more realistic scene that this story needs, and second, the introduction of characters may need a little bit of their background before it brings up to the spotlight. Nevertheless, it is a great story with affluent character progress. Keep up the good work, Author. 👍


Very interesting story grounded in Indian Mythology. It's a little rough around the edges, but the author tells a compelling story that will keep you interested. I suggest you check it out if you like the genres it's under.


Amazing story you got here. First i would like to say. Indian mythology in webnovel is an amazing idea. It is giving me a lot of post-mahabharata vibes with arjuna , dwarka and all. Secondly, the characters are interesting and the plot is building up nicely. Though it has many grammatical and spelling errors that make it a little less smooth. I suggest that you first add an auxiliary chapter explaining all the hindi and sanaskrit terms. Also try to edit the chapters / seek someone's help in editing as that will drastically improve quality. The Story otherwise is amazingly mind-blowing. Really love it!


The story plot is different. The background has a great historical feel and adds highlight to the story. I would like to see many more chapters in the future from the author. Just a suggestion, the paragraphs are too long to read. If they could be reduced into smaller ones, it would be nice. Good start author! Cheers!! Enjoy writing!!


Fresh Lore, a Unique Face in Fiction. The story itself is good and splayed out enough for an interesting read. I would say that there should be a balance of Showing vs Telling. The paragraphs need to be broken down for a better reading experience. I'm reading on PC but it was still irksome. Other than those minor technicalities, the story has potential. It's deviant from the saturated market of mythology so it has a fresh vibe. Good luck on your writing journey!


Quick Note - I deleted my first review cuz i accidently pressed post in the middle of writing it. Don't worry, this review is the exact same one. Synopsis - Almost a perfect read. It doesn't give too much away, it doesn't spoil anything, and it makes you want to read the story. Exactly how a synopsis should be done. Nice job Grammar: This is what prevented me from giving a five star. (4.8/5) There were a decent amount of noticable grammar mistakes that could've probobly been fixed if you gave it a solid proofread. Most of the mistakes involved the past/present tense being switched up. Not annoying to read, but the main problem was the use of it during your scene description. I could easily see you having an amazing vision in your head and cramming paragraphs on paragrpahs to describe it perfectly. The thing is > you get carried away and put oo much. When you put too much without the proper wording the descriptions seem dull and flat. Also, i don't know if I missed it or not, but i don't think you described any of the characters that were talking. Sure you say prince and princess, but what does that mean? Is the princess wearing a dress? what's her hair like? does she have anything unique about her? how does she feel? does she have an accent maybe? You dont need to add all that but just consider it. Story: Nice. Nothing to critique honestly. It slowly unfolds in the chapters and just makes the reader want to read more. It's a little slow, but picks up quickly the more you read. Rating - 4.8/5 stars Nice job. Keep writing and improving!


The story is developing well. Seems to be taken from the aftermath of the Mahabharata. Stability of updates is good. Story is developing well. The character design is good and the world background is well defined. There are some typos, however, they do not interfere with the flow of the story. I would suggest you run the text through a grammar checker. There are some grammar issues like his and her/ there and their etc. Even I use and when I don't the mistakes do appear. All the best.


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I never came across such a story based on Indian Mythology/History, whatever you say. But I loved this story at the first glance. I would recommend others to definitely give it a try... It is really a novel worth spending time on... Kudos to the Author for writing such a story... All the best.... Everyone, go give it a try, you won't regret it....


Well well well what could I say? The post story line story and suspense are top notch. Good start author. Read it once I'm sure you'll not look back


RECOMMENDED! I would recommend this novel to anyone else. Concept is there—the author clearly conducted his research. My only advice is to proofread, and break the blocks of text since one finds them intimidating (readers often reads on mobile). Book is rich in ideas. Proofreading will do the trick for the grammar—but overall, the book is good and a must-read. Definitely will support and read the book till the end. Keep on writing, dear author! Good job!


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