You are my sun and moon
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You are my sun and moon


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What is You are my sun and moon

You are my sun and moon is a popular web novel written by the author lekharams, covering ADVENTURE, COMEDY, LOVE, CUTE, MODERN, MYSTERY, ROMANCE, PSYCHO, ACTION ROMANCE, CRIME CASES, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 491.4K readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 25 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 141 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What happens to her when she is asked to marry a person who doesn't even know her name? No one forced her but, she was left without a choice! " What the hell is happening here? Who are you? What were you doing at the traffic signal in the morning? Are you really, her? Whom I married?! I feel like I married someone and now seeing another one!" "Oh! God, seriously? Even after watching everything in the morning you still don't know my name?! Wow! It's so great of you, Yuvi! _________________________________ "No! Don't touch me you bastard" she yelled and moved back. "Come on, sweetheart! You know how much I want you. I will give you the best time of your life" He said moving towards her. "Dare to come near me! I kill you!" she yelled still moving backward. "Kill me, sweetheart! But let's die together" He didn't stop moving. What's gonna happen? Will she kill him? or kill herself? __________________________________ " Love you, darling! Don't make me wait, more! " He pecked her nose. He tightened his grip around her and brought her more into him, he bent down to her lips, she clutched his ironed shirt very tightly, she shut her eyes tightly, their lips almost touched. She pushed him from her. And now she was burning with anger not only at him but also at her, she didn't know how she lost her mind. She felt ashamed of herself. "Don't you ever dare to come near me! How dare you!" She yelled a whisper as there is a probability of being caught by others. "See, sorry! For what happened just now, but ever? Do you even remember we're gonna get married?" He questioned her. As it was his fault he was silent but still, she could have stopped him in the beginning even but, she didn't! Because she was also into it. "In your dreams, Sid! Do you think I'll marry you? If you believe so, don't build hopes! It will never ever happen and I'll never let it happen" Yuvi didn't know who he married! Sid didn't how he gonna get married! Go ahead read to know what happens! ______________________________________ To interact with the author and fellow readers you can join my discord server: https://discord.gg/yRgWhwH22y Please do adjust with the first 5 chapters, they will be dry. But I assure you it will be interesting after. The story is full of romance and mystery. It will be an emotional roller coaster with many humor, adventures, etc. PS: The picture on the cover is not mine, the entire credits go to the artists who have done it.

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The synopsis made me curious enough to add it to my reading list. The story may sound cliché but the author succeeded to put up a different twist. The world background is the modern world, the detailed description of characters is commendable. Good luck with your journey!


I read different love stories but this story is a different one. The way the characters, the author portrayed is expressive. I liked the respect, love, and care between the couple. All the best


I love this story very much, this is different from other books which thrill and romance and by the way I love this couple as well as there names. Thank you so much for this book😍❤️🤩


Omg... This the first time I saw an Indian concept novel in Web novel. The storyline is really awesome. I love the character development a lot. Keep up the good work author and congratulations on getting contracted🥳🥳 All the best and welcome to the fam, Love❤


Your words are really good, For the first time I am reading an Indian book, I feel elated reading this, I m really excited to read further please update soon, all the best..


This is one of the Indian books which I loved to the core. I have totally enjoyed reading it. The description part of yuvi and pari's love I totally amazing!! I am in love with the characters right now!!!!!! All the best to the author.


It's a very good and intresting novel. It's quite thrilling. It's worth to be contacted. Language is well used. Keep it up author . All the best for your next chapters .


I'm happy to see a indian book. It's a good story. And I love how the author puts lots effort in introduce each characters. I appreciate that. And the story is starting was pretty good. hope more chapters. good work keep going.


your writing has improved a lot and lot just loved the way you describe yuvi ,and romantic scenes you rocked it keep growing ❤ all the best girly lots of ❤


This is Good. I loved the characters especially ML Yuvi, I didn't expect the twist. It is interesting. waiting to know about the stalker. The characters yuvi and pari are indeed sweet❤️❤️ Author I want more updates




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Author of Chasina's Chase: Finding the Devil. It's rare for webnovel to have Indian themed novels. Most novels are filled with Chinese and Korean themed. But the author took the Indian theme along with first person pov which is very rare. And the first chaps arelil bit tardy but from third and fourth chaps the story turns out good. And the sudden revelation of the FL identity is quite interesting. There are some punctuation and grammatical errors. I advise author to proof read before publishing. And the story is very good. It's worthy to be giveaway read. Maybe I'm baised being an Indian but still the story line is very good. Give it a read guys u won't regret. All the best author.




precisely it's really very interesting exciting thrilled suspense with a unique kind of situations but sometimes you can't avoided it just face ....


Not an typical arrange marriage drama but still it has a different kind of spark. I really like how the story us progressing and the characters are well organised too.. I'd suggest everyone to read this book..😄


It's a rare novel with Indian theme. Not a typical arranged marriage story. It has its twists and turns. Characters are unique. I am quite looking forward for the updates


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