Reviews of White Lie.


White Lie.


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The novel is great. I had a bit of a hard time reading at the start the writing was confusing at first but it changed over time to a better and more polished one. World building is good I had no problems with it. I'm interested with the plot and story! I would like to see where this novel is headed. In the end, good job author! The relationships between the characters are interesting! I also had no problem with character design.


The world is well crafted. The fight scenes are very well described and vivid. The story of abuse in between sheds a touching light on a delicate subject. The give main characters are distinct, fun and intriguing. The story is very compelling and keeps the readers wanting more. Great job author.


This is a great novel. The writing is confusing at first but splendidly switches to simplicity when required. The characters are interesting and the unique relationship they have with each other is engaging. The world-building is amazing and the description of each detail is truly wondrous. The storyline is also pretty immersive and the plot develops nicely. Overall, remarkable work! :D


Not much of any errors. The story and characters are very good, (of what I read). You are explaining everything in great detail and you really feel like you get to know everything about the world and its characters. Thanks, it's a great story!