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What is Villainess of Hearts

Villainess of Hearts is a popular web novel written by the author RachelRuth, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, DRAMA, REVERSEHAREM, VILLAINESS, ROYALTY, HISTORY, NOBLE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.61/5 and 48 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 227 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Rosalyn Lockhart was betrayed. The King of Hearts exiled his Queen. Her most trusted Knight killed her. And the only reason for this—it was that Alice! She could not believe it, even when her own very head got cut off. When Time offers her a chance to go back to the past, she'll ensure that this time it'll be off with their heads! But will she truly succeed? Fall down the rabbit hole and find out. -- Blood spilt on the earth, staining it a lovely shade of crimson. It was her favourite colour. Except the blood that stained the ground was hers. “Do not worry, Your Majesty. This blade shall smoothly cleave your head off—you won’t feel anything.” His lips curled into a smile before she was gone. -- Say hi on Discord? https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Support Me: https://www.patreon.com/rachel_ruth https://ko-fi.com/cheldv

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Take a sip of tea and bite some roseberry tarts while you enjoy a classic take on a beloved fairy tale, dear Reader. Yes, welcome to Wonderland! It's not as much as you remember because the Queen of Hearts died and she blames a certain heroine for that. Now that the wheels of time had turned back in her favor, will she delve into revenge or find a new life? Perhaps both? Writing Quality - clear, precise and understandable Stability of Updates - a moot point at the moment Story Development - a reasonable pace Character Design - inspired by the original work and other adaptation Word Background - expansion to the world with other Kingdoms, Magic and other Fantasy Elements There's always room for development and so dear Reader, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment or review!


Refreshing to know that the story shows even the most high ranked people are flawed and human. It is interesting to note that while the original Queen of Hearts showed a very "Off with their heads" kind of person, this story holds her in a different light where she tries to be more forgiving and patient with the people she meets and interacts with. The Queen of Hearts flaws (tarts, teas, temper, etc.) make her somewhat relatable to an extent, as I too, am a foodie. :P The story is quite serious most of the time but with the characters' personalities and attitude to different scenarios make the pacing not sonic fast nor tediously slow, just right. I hope to see more interactions with the other characters in the future chapters! [img=recommend][img=update]


Lo and Behold an interesting twist on how the Queen who likes to chop people's head, got her's chopped off. Only this time, she got another chance. Would it lead to an ending color in the dark hues of red? or will it smell like fragrant roses in their full bloom? I look forward to the next chapter of this wonderful story. May the author not drop this and continue to weave a tale that will give everyone more than they could ever ask for.


Was going to write this at a later chapter but felt like the author needed some encouragement (I want my daily updates ;-;) I would be lying to say that this was the first Alice in Wonderland adaptation that I have ever read or the first attempt to tell the story from the Red Queen's perspective. However, I would say that this story definitely stands out in its own way in that every detail hides a secret message and that every hidden message is potentially foreshadowing. In that sense, it's rare to find a Webnovel story with actual attention to world building and character development. The way the author is able to spin a known fictional world into her own with these subtle additions is in itself no small feat. Writing Quality: The prose is a bit flowery and admittedly a bit easy to get lost in (like please it's so pretty that you're like what plot 0.0) However, THIS STORY IS LITERALLY ABOUT WONDERLAND. Imagine a linear detailing of events with bare bone descriptions. Like please it's literally WONDERLAND flowery descriptions are a must ;-; Stability of Updates: Daily from what I have followed Story Development: Unfolding from a classic villainess rebirth, I think what is most exciting is definitely the way she then goes back and interacts with different elements. In contrast to most other novels, there's a crazy streak to her that tells of her erased "past" that will become her future. Character Design: Wonderland but with a twist (enough said lol) World Background: Probably the part I enjoy most about this novel. At the end of each chapter, the author gives a few details about how her interpretation weaves into and builds upon the original. And honestly it's so entertaining figuring out the bread crumb trail that she leaves. Anyways sorry for the long rant! But thank you so much for the story!!!


There is like... one chapter but IT'S SO GOOD! I feel like I'm on sugar high after reading. My eyes are shining right now. I did not expect such events. Yet, everything in it was meant to be there and flowed beautifully. If you could, skip the rest of this review and read it for yourself. I mean, just a few more tweaks and it can be a one-shot prompt. Lol. It's such a simple scene while having tea, an iconic attribute for Alice in Wonderland. Yet,,, I never seen such a unique way to have tea. It was one thing after another, keeping you on your toes. Then, it reveals the setting one by one and completely paints the picture of the current situation. 90% of my reaction is due to how blood pumping the writing was. The build up for an exciting adventure was well done. First chapters are hard and its rare for to be hooked this fast. I usually need to read more. But I'm telling you... if the rest of the story is anything like this chapter.... *whistles* it's gonna be one hell of a ride! As the title and synopsis says, this revolves around the Queen of Hearts! She surely knows what she wants She even manages to sneak in what her favorite food is. There's not much on the background story that led to this situation. I look forward to seeing both that and the future! I do want to add a bit more description at some things. I know she's the Queen of Hearts but I'd love to know how she looks like in the first chapter. Nonetheless, this doesn't waver the quality content it has!


I don't know. Starts pff with something dramatic but the world building seems oblique, and it feels like the ******* dies off shortly after .The writing uses a very poetic writing style but doesn't really pack punches at all. It doesn't feel like the author is risking anything or trying to be creative with their work. All in a solid 4


I'm a simp for Villainess tropes, its a refreshing breath of air from the meek vanilla good girl protagonist. See here.. We have Rosalyn Lockhart, Queen of Hearts. She's stubborn, cruel at times but yet we see her character development slowly and realistically happening over the course of the story. Doesn't miraculously change herself in a day and does things that benefits her mostly. But that doesn't mean she is heartless (pun intended) towards her peers and kingdom's subjects. The environment is well fleshed out but not on the level of spoon-feeding details, how grand or wacky the surroundings are can be still up to your imagination. All in all, I can't wait to see how her main enemy comes back. Perspective from a villain is always interesting. Fast pass gang all the way![img=recommend]


I love this book!! This story is from the perspective of the Queen of Hearts, which is something I have never read about before. The details in the books are nice, although each day is about 3-4 chapters long. I at first thought that this was a twist of Alice in the Wonderland, but it seems to be a reborn revenge story. I'm anticipating for more chapters!!


We're all familiar with our golden haired Alice, the classic heroine or protagonist. But what about the Queen of Hearts herself? In this story, it delves into a world designed by the Author that tries to take her own twist into 'Wonderland'. And the focus is on the Red Queen of Hearts herself, a 'Villainess' or maybe someone who falls closer to 'Villainy' than your typical white flowered heroine. What I Like: •Tarts ( The Queen's Obsession) •Streak of Madness (We're All Mad Here) •The Queen of Hearts of course As of writing, the Author's updates dro** into 3-4 updates a week, which may leave you waiting for more! Previously left a review on her first book and also done with this one too!


I am three chapters in, but I already decided to leave a review. I like the writing quality of this novel and how formal and at the same time entertaining this is! I may be an English teacher, but this is not a basis for me to say that I am great as I am fully aware to how other people can do better when it comes to narration and choice of words! 🤩 TBH, my style is simple and reading other authors’ work such as yours, helps me learn a lot of things! 🥰 Keep it up! I really like your figure of speeches and word choices~! And especially the FLOW and with how you described each scenes is remarkable! Update stability is good. I can really see you working hard, as you write for other stories as well~! I am still three chapters in, but I like the story development in this one. I could already say that your pacing would be good since we had a very exciting start that left us hanging and on the next chapters, we could already see the progress of how the story will be. I would have to read more so I could follow up on this part of the review. ^^ I absolutely LOVE the character design! 🤩 As your own version of the fairytale, this is something indeed unique to you which is a good share for the other readers! I love reading classics and you adding some characters to the story is a good take on your story! 🥰 Lastly, World Background. TBH, I would still have to read more so I could say something about this. Once I do, I would have to edit or recomment on my review. Overall, Rachel, I like the book and I would really continue reading this during my free time along with Moon Rabbit! 🥰 Keep up the it up! You’re already doing great and I know your works will be enjoyed by many! 🤩


I Like this story please read! PeRhaps the oNly Area For Improvement wOuld be the paCing. it can be a litrle slow. maybe it’s just me hehe! Keep up the good work author


Beautiful Story. I love it. I love the charaters, I love the plot, I love the background, and I love how it was written. Good job authors, I really enjoy it LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE



I am really enjoying this one so far. The writing is really well done and I am looking forward to seeing how the story continues. I like the female lead a lot and I hope she can get revenge on those that have wronged her.




Had to hunt for this beCause i forgot to put it kn a reading list i thought about it for foursays while i hunted. dont make my mistake add this to your readIng list!


Im going to love book for as long as i live. plus i love how the cover has a picture of what i need to see to help be more into the book. i also find their relationship very interesting 🤨




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wow wow wow what a good story the fl is not a ooc at all[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] the ml is not stiff her knight seems to be inlove with the fl but im not sure.


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