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What is Variant Bloods

Variant Bloods is a popular web novel written by the author Eggy_does_writing, covering FANTASY, GL, ROMANCE, FEMALELEAD, VICTORIAN ERA, LGBTQA, ELVES AND OTHER SPECIES, SECRETIDENTITY, BAD PAST, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 9.6K readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 13 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Her skin was a warm ivory color while her sparkly eyes were periwinkle blue, almost purple, which Saphrin focused on since she had never seen such vibrant colored eyes before. After running away from home, Saphrin DiMero changed her identity and disguised herself as a male mercenary. Afterwards, she was hired by a noble family, known as the Ferdims, to be Madam Ferdim's bodyguard. Despite all this, she still fears being caught by the people who are trying to hunt her down. Caspery Tularious, a half elf, was sold into slavery for domestic labor after the death of her mother. She has been working for the Ferdim family since she was twelve and has been treated very poorly ever since. Everything changed when the two met each other, for better or for worse. This story also follows the beginnings of a few other protagonists who will be main characters in the next book. DISCLAIMER: This book contains triggering content such as self harm, suicide, abuse, drugs, and alcohol. This book also contains mature themes such as nudity, strong language, and violence. Reader discretion is advised! Cover art credits: Line art and background by Austin Gann https://austingann275.myportfolio.com/ Coloring and shading by me


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This was the first book like this I’ve ever read, and I loved it! I’m invested in the characters, the descriptions and details are amazing! I’ve only read a handful of books with this kind of quality writing. Bravo Author! Keep it up!


Nice setting and characters. It reminds me of a fantasy Mulan a bit. You can tell the author takes time thinking, planning, writing and editing. This is an author who cares about the details. If you want to read a proper story and not just the haphazard junk food which is most of WN, give this a try!


firstly: I think I have fallen in love with this book (。ノω\。) it's so well written and just keeps you going! the characters are .developed Welland the scenario of being the only girl in an only boys admittance school is just, wow! it really is great! definitely worth reading!


The plot is great. Clearly don't have problem with your writing style. I liked it. And what I like the most is how the author describe the characters appearance. Very detailed. Great work author!


Reveal spoiler


The dialogue between characters is done nicely and it flows well. The story itself takes its time to build up the scenes and atmosphere, and that's particularly a good thing so that you'll be immerse in the story's setting.


This story is interesting I really like the character development and the writing style is superb. I like how the author describes the story telly well. I hope I get to see more chapters. Keep writing author.😁


Wonderfully interesting novel! The synopsis and the first few chapters have me hooked. The length of your chapter is just right and your writing quality is great. The only thing that bothered me is some of the dialogue that uses this asterisk (*) instead of quotation marks ("). Overall your story is unique and intriguing so keep up the good work!


You can tell the author loves their work because they put so much effort into polishing the writing. Great language usage and very descriptive!


Interesting. So far I have only read a few chapters but what should I say? I am hooked. Characters are good. The setting is also cool. Great work, highly recommended


Amazing story line, the characters have depth and deep backstory. The world building is real and detailed. I esp loved the pace, this is a rare one for fantasy. Love IT!.. Keep on writing.


Full starts because it's amazing! You gonna try it to know it! Good plot and it could pique readers' attention. Keep up the good work, author! 😊


I believe this story to be written with a lot of love and I would recommend this book to everyone. The initial character development and descriptions make the world feel more lived in and the characters more life like. I like the mixture between Victorian and Medieval Aesthetics for the world, however at first it is difficult to get a sense of what the world is like with the introduction sequence. As well, the intro is a bit difficult to follow with all of the character introductions. Overall though, the story really picks up after the intro and I would have to recommend this book!


This one breaks through the usual approaches to creating a fantasy novel. Writing - definitely good, author has excellent grammar and execution of words to narrate the story Updates - hopefully, will be stable and continuous. Since this is new, I can't really judge it yet. Development - another great thing about this book. I like how the story goes so far, not so fast, and not to slow either. Characters - vivid designs, very descriptive and lively World background - A+ right off the bat


Very intriguing. The whole plot got me hook and just reading the initial chapter, I'm already enthralled with the idea of the girl playing the role of a boy. It makes one wonder what happens next and continues to read through. I highly recommend :D This a really good read :D Keep up the great work author-nim :D


The writing style is very descriptive, that it helps the reader imagine each scene or character, almost perfectly. The character development is also good. A good book to read, when you want your imagination to be fully awake, while reading.


I liked this novel. It's story development and character design are awesome. I'll recommend reader to spend their time in reading this book as it is very good and interesting. Dear author keep it up. Make sure to update new chapters regularly.


The story is very interesting and the characters all have great depth, even though I see so much smol logic in this it has it's own charm and I really love reading this.


That is a good ride Kudos for the author for writing such an intriguing story. I highly recommend everyone to give this story a try, just read the first chapter and you can see that this story has quality. The author is surely done it this time I like how the author use * to differentiate what is on their mind and what word is coming from their mouth, the pacing is nice and the conversation flow pleasingly. Thus, make the storytelling overall better than the other mediocre Keep up the good work author, keep up writing ^^


I like stories that take place in the past, especially fantasy stories, but this didn't feel right. This reminded me of Legend of Korra where there's electricity in the same place where there's magic. What's the point in having magic if there's technology? The story pacing is too fast and jumps around too much but I just don't understand the world building


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