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This is amazing I wish he stayed on the island longer though and that there were stronger sea creatures like a craken or a turtle island and other cool things


It’s very good if I say so myself the overall development is pretty good in and of itself the characters are good as well and I can’t wait for more 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🙏🏾😍


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At the beginning of the story it was very good and interesting, but after returning to his family it became somewhat boring, and the events became worse and misunderstood. It seems to me that you put everything in the foreground and left the rest. I understand that you publish 3 chapters per day, but the quality is my brother even if it is a chapter in Today, just as you were in the beginning of 30 chapters, your skills situation in the classroom was something that I do not need to see (I apologize for the grammatical errors and rules I hope I can read)


Awesome start....author got lazy after 40 chapters to the point where the story feels like it's just floating in the air and you can forget it in a day.


I read 160 + chapters, at first, it was good. Survival in the island is the climax of this novel. But after the island, I started getting more and more annoyed.Characters so formulaic that the fish that the main character killed seem to be alive) Also present here is the much-disliked SELF-SACRIFICE. MC has to help everyone, save the world and blah-blah-blah. It is very frustrating when an MC jumps from one place to another to save something, or someone, and in most cases, these responsibilities get in the way. I had to restrain myself from giving up reading this, but the characters finished me off. The main character was given a girl as a servant and he did not touch her, even taught her something useful. Then this girl's own brother appears, in the form of a super-cool magician. Then it turns out that the father of this girl, almost the king of his country.... God, how could you ruin everything and lower the level of logic of the book to this level, as if another person wrote the part about the island!


The MC really likes to be a slave huh? He follows everyones order. He teach anyone his magic. And he make extremely foolish decision like convincing his enemy to become his ally. For gods sake your not Naruto so don't use talk no jutsu cuase you suck at it. Because of this foolishness, this cause the life of his friend and trauma to Yuki. Also didn't he already teach his country men how to use magic? Why is he still teaching them can't hey experiment for themselves on how to use magic didn't he already said that the basic is hard but once you got the hang of it, it will become extremely easy to use magic and the MC's ally rely on him too much. They wanted weapon they go to the MC, they wanted to learn something they go to MC and the MC is just okay with halting or slowing his progress in magic. Honestly I just wan't the to have a love interest who can fight alongside with him and his ally can die for all I care cause they are just there to slow down the progress of the mc.


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i loved the story to start with. But something i HAVE to point out is the fact that he was so powerful and unstoppable EVEN AFTER 900 YEARS! how the hell was the the strongest when he was more than 950 years younger than his friends and family? That made no sense and broke the story. broke the development,design and world background.


Good and fast paced action plot. Though I feel MC is overworked....lol. But all in all love the novel. Love its originality. Keep up the good work. Oh and please update the status menu of MC, organize it, fuse/merge some skills to make the list shorter... What am I rambling on about. I would give it a 5 star rating except I don't want the others to feel jealous. Lol... Can't wait for the updates.


Skills and abilities in the story are pretty vague, but the story... 👌. Love this novel to death, and it has a really good pace for updates.


MC is too zen. Sigh. .Why people fight each other in Apocalypse .. We should hold hands and sing kumbaya. Sigh... Billions of humans have died and bureaucracy still exists. Just bcoz he had to line up. He agreed to help clear all dungeons in Japan just so that they will, hopefully, tell him a method to reach American continent. I just couldn't bear to read past this point. The story is not bad, really but... I guess I am not used to MCs like this.


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Just finished reading it. And I can only say: Oh my fucking God! The ending was perfect, the author was able to resuscitate everyone in the universe and make it believable! This was a ride that I am proud to say that I accompanied since chapter 1. Looking forward to the 2nd book!


This is a really great novel. The adventures of Leon is really awesome. The story is really great. The story tells us to never give up no matter how impossible the task is, how unclear the path is, and how great the challenges. Because in the end will always get what we want and what we deserve, we just need to continue and never give up. Thanks author for the great story. Really thank you.


I personally recomend this novel to anyone who like the fantasy + game elements genre along with an original story. The background is really original even if from time to time (rarely), some elements make me think of Everyone Else is a Returnee from Toycar (a book I also recomend). The character development can sometime be a bit weird but also give a bit of "unknown" to the future of the story, which I personally liked. Anyway, from begining to end I enjoyed reading this story, so I invite anyone reading this review to take a peek to, at least, the first 20 chapters and see if you like it.


I found a flaw in your story... and its a major flaw... . . . . you don't have chapter titles 😂😂😂😂😂😂 140 characters to post a review