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This story overall could’ve done better. The overall plot is short and if you ask me, could’ve had much more potential. You see, personally, MC’s can act dumb and give out information and just waste their time helping others only if they have an advantage and OP, for example, everyone in this novel has the exact same powers, rather it’s about insight, luck and circumstances. Everyone has a system, everyone can gain abilities, learn and use tomes. The biggest issue though is how bland it gets later on, getting back to the point where it was short and could’ve been better. First off, he literally helps and tells very special information to a stranger that can’t provide as much support as others, just a random filler to get some information about the areas, in exchange for information that is probably more valuable than many tomes and overall just a bland filler. Why can’t you just get the MC up and started, be more efficient and get him to his family?


Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path (COMPLETED)


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P.S. Wheres the unlimited power? Should’ve been put near the start, like infinite mana and power! Woahhh😎


P.s. I’m probably dropping this novel, might come back time to time