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I'm sorry to say that, but the Japan arc ruined the novel. At first when he landed on the island it was a very interesting story even though mc was kind of dumb. But the moment mc met some people he suddenly became retarded. He put himself in needless danger and became the Emperor's errand boy despite the fact that he didn't need his help to go back to his country since he could simply FLY. And don't tell me that he could get lost since he could just find a map or a GPS simply by buying it or taking it by force since he is kind of overpowered. There are tons of small issues in the novel but i won't be listing all of them here since it's a waste of time. Please don't delete this review since i can just post it here again. And if you will keep deleting it i Will just post it as a comment on other reviews.


Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path (COMPLETED)


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when you think about it, he mentions that it only stops skills, not his magic. He did not feel himself in any danger at all. secondly, what he did , was to stop a war between two countries. lastly, he was worried that the kraken and sharks were not the only ones out and about. he was worried about the dragons and anyhitng stronger than the dragons too.