Unfortunate events.Unfortunate events.

Unfortunate events.

by kadiecarter

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She just laughed and shook her head slightly. "wow! You haven't figured it out yet ? My mother is Medusa! It was all a lie. Everything, is a complete lie. My 'life' is a LIE" "Medusa !! How your nothing like her. Not in look wise because know one has ever seen her before I thought she was just a myth". I struggled to compose myself. Medusa is one of the most feared people in the world. She's a gang leader to and a scam artist . No one has seen what she looks like unless she's scammed you but even then she where's a disguise. She hides away and apparently works alone but I know that BS! This is up on wattpad aswell the same story but I will be posting it on here to.

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