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Merlot shouted at George Anthony, but George Anthony merely plastered a smile on his face and remained quiet. 

Noisy versus quiet, they showed quite a difference. 

Li Du, who was watching, knew that Merlot was at a disadvantage. Under such circumstances, the one who was calmer would have a stronger standpoint, and the one who panicked would be weaker. 

George Anthony didn't pay attention to Merlot, but said to Li Du, "I'm sorry, Li, for making a scene here. My partner here has quite a temper. I hope you can forgive him."

"I'm not your partner!" Merlot leashed out. "You can't make me pay a million dollars! I don't have a million dollars, I just don't have that money!"

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Hans laughed. "No, Merlot, my good partner. You have at least two million. Do you remember how you used to tell me that you had a million and a half dollars in savings? Then you stole five hundred thousand dollars from me. So you have a total of two million dollars, isn't that right?"

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