1048 George

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Conrad was groaning from the blow. Shielding his head with both his hands, his body curled up, he rolled on the ground.

A sluggish look remained on Merlot's face. He looked like a statue, sitting in the warehouse wordlessly.

The owner of the warehouse company was getting nervous. He shouted, "Stop fighting, stop fighting! F*ck, let him give me the money before beating him! Dammit, pay up!"

Li Du got his accountant to transfer five million. Then he handed over four more hundred-dollar bills.

Li Du said to the owner, "Don't be anxious. He will definitely pay you. Otherwise, he had better stay out of the auction industry for the rest of his life."

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"He might not have that much money. It's a million and a half we're talking about," a treasure hunter nearby gloated.

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