1050 Golden Book

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With the cash and watch in tow, the group drove off in their car.

Li Du kept the watch in little bug's black hole. He had the real deal, why would he wear

a fake? He could not bear to dump the imitation watch, but could not derive any

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happiness from keeping it either.

They stayed another night in a hotel and the next day, they started their journey back to


Amengda Mountain in South Africa had been purchased successfully, and Li Du was

free to go over to develop the area any time he wished.

However, Li Du wanted to let Carl arrange for the diamond inspection team to conduct

their checks first. He was not in a hurry to begin the development and was keener to get

an evaluation of Amengda first.

For now, he wanted to go and resolve the bet he had made at Harry Winston, Inc. He

had to obtain Carlston Fritz's shares!

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