574 Vacation Feeling

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The little bug had also made great improvements to Li Du's physical health. One of the improvements was that it made him more energized.

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Indeed, it made him much more energized.

If he did not use the little bug, he would only need to sleep three to four hours to be energized for the rest of the day. However, as he would normally use the little bug, which required energy, he easily became exhausted at times.

He awoke from his sleep that lasted from daytime to nighttime. Although it was still dark outside, he was fully energized and could not return to sleep.

Sophie hugged a pillow while still fast asleep in an interesting sleeping position. She slept with her body curled up, both hands closed together on the pillow, and her head gently resting on a bit of her arm. 

Looking at her sleeping position, Li Du suddenly recalled a study claiming that people who slept in such a posture lacked a sense of security.

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