573 Rest Before Continuing The Battle

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The discovery of the Overarching Sunset had put Li Du in an excitable mood. The approaching nightfall had caused his mindfulness to reduce, so he hadn't noticed the change in his energy levels.

He'd not only used the little bug continuously for more than two hours, he'd also made the little bug work at full power. The rate of energy consumption was extensive.

However, as he was overly excited, the adrenaline had suppressed all negative feelings in his body. His body was clearly worn out but his brain was still very alert.

Sophie was not just trying to scare him. If he had not been discovered in time and he'd continued using the bug in such a state, he could have very well died of heart failure.

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However, after some rest, coupled with Sophie's supplementation of glucose and salt solution, he had recovered his energy.

Li Du stretched his body and asked, "How did you know I was awake?"

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