575 The Legend of The Gem

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In less than half an hour, a Toyota Prado drove up.

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This Japanese car model was very popular in Arizona. Although its safety rating was lower than that of similar models', it had fewer problems, lower fuel consumption and was easier to maintain.

There were many deserts in Arizona, so the roads were quite flat. Besides being able to speed very well, the Toyota Prado was also spacious and suitable for such environments.

The pot-bellied boss Owen got out of the car and formally shook Li Du's hand. He was more polite than before. "Li, happy to receive your call. Please come to my shop for a chat. Also, you were not kidding, right?"

Li Du laughed as he waved his hand. Godzilla, with a mighty heave, carried the safe out of the car.

Big Quinn opened the safe to reveal the pile of small boxes inside. In the boxes were the dazzling gemstones.

Their colors were like fire—magnificent and beautiful. They were real opals.

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