394 The Slaying

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Back at the motel, Frank swept the table lamp onto the floor angrily.

York grabbed his shoulder. "Frank, buddy, listen to me. Stop losing your temper and calm down!"

"I can’t calm down!" Frank hollered. "That Chinaman needs to die! I’m gonna kill him! D*mmit, I gotta destroy him, I must destroy him!"

York said calmly, "We’ll destroy him. One day we’ll destroy him, but not now. Flagstaff is their territory and there are too many obstacles here. We’ve gotta return to LA!"

Frank pushed him away and said angrily, "No, I’m not going back. I must destroy him now!"

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York stared at him, helpless, not knowing how else to dissuade him.

The two of them had gone to Phoenix for valuables such as the silver. They had come to Flagstaff just for Li Du—to ruin Li Du.

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