393 Where Popularity Counts

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There was no reason for Li Du to hide in the back, since others were sticking up for him.

Hence, he went forward and raised his hand. "Guys, calm down. Everyone calm down!"

Turis, Olly and the rest took the lead to stop talking, and the noise at the entrance of the storage unit quieted down.

Li Du pointed at Frank and York. "The two of you should lay down and sniff the ground. Get it clear: this is Flagstaff, not LA. Better watch what you say, or risk getting your tongues cut out."

Evidently, it was not a good feeling to be surrounded by. Both Frank and York looked uneasy, with nervousness mounting within them.

However, Frank refused to be intimidated and said unyieldingly, "What, are you threatening me?"

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Li Du patted his shoulder. "No, not threatening. Just telling you guys a fact."

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