395 Quick, Shift The Blame

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Being in Flagstaff at the same time, there was a high probability of the enemies bumping into each other.

In the morning, Li Du and a few treasure hunters went to the market to stock up on items for the cabin. These treasure hunters had been on his side during the conflict with Frank and York yesterday; he was grateful to them.

Upon entering the market, he said, "Let’s throw a party this evening. What do you guys like to eat and drink? Just load them into the car, I’ll foot the bill."

Turis smiled and said, "No, I’ll pay for everything. You helped me a great deal yesterday. Boss Li, I managed to get hold of some great stuff."

"I’ve also gotten great stuff," Olly said. "It’s been months, d*mmit. I’ve finally managed to get some decent goods!"

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"Hey, Boss Li, look—who’s that?"

Li Du turned his head to where Big Beard Carl pointed, and he saw Frank and York.

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