683 The Christmas Tree

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To Li Du, the old goods market was a place for the little bug to replenish its time capability; he was not banking on finding anything valuable in such a place. 

After all, nobody was stupid. The second hand goods treasure hunters walked around the market ten times daily. Even if there was anything of value, it would not be left for Li Du. 

Even if there were valuable items, there was no way to get them. They could only either be bartered for other items of similar prices or be bought at exorbitant prices. 

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This was not Li Du's motive. He had gone to the old goods market not to earn money, but to find items with time capability for the little bug. 

Throughout December, he had searched the northern and northwestern Arizonian countryside for such items. He had spent quite a hefty sum, as well as traded many items. As a result, the little bug had absorbed a significant amount of time capability. 

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