682 Driving Off Proudly

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As seen by Li Du when he'd turned back time, these five Olympic rings had an extraordinary history.

Initially, people from the sports association were contemptuous of their claim. As it was their job, they had no choice but to come over and verify the claim that "there was an important discovery regarding the Olympics."

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After arriving and seeing the Olympic rings, they were stunned for a while. Their attitudes shortly changed for the better.

The Caucasian man who was in support of Li Du was called Stanton. After hearing his words, Hans's eyes brightened and he asked, "Stanton, sir, what's up with these five rings?"

Stanton, who was in the middle of stroking one of the ring's hollowed out embosses, replied, "As you guys have seen, there things like "1996,""100," and "Atlanta" carved on these rings. Therefore, their identities are self-evident. They belonged to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

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