684 Chopping Trees

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After reaching the border of the park, they drove into the forest with Mr. Martin showing the way.

In the forest was a small road that could narrowly accommodate a car. There was a signboard erected at the entrance of the road, which wrote: "Christmas tree logging area."

Mr. Martin motioned for Li Du to slow down. "Drive slowly. I'm farsighted. Let me look in detail and find the most beautiful Christmas tree. As you're celebrating Christmas with us this year, I can't possibly do a slipshod work like last time."

Li Du smiled. "You've done slipshod work in the past?"

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Mr. Martin shrugged. "Of course. I did careless work because Sophie didn't bring me a son-in-law." He started smiling. "No, I wasn't messing with her. I was silently protesting."

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