305 The Big Quinn Barbecue

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the evening drew closer, more vehicles arrived at camp. There were pickup trucks, cars, and SUVs. They were Rose's police colleagues.

Police officer Alison was the earliest to arrive. She also brought a large, freshly baked pizza.

Li Du knew Officer Alison: they experienced a shoot-out together before and both parties had had a good first impression of each other. Li thought better of her when he saw she had brought over a small gift—the pizza—even though she was supposed to be their guest.

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"Alison's pepperoni pizza is one of the best around," Rose introduced. "It’s my colleagues’ favorite food. If there’s a party, her pizza will always steal the show."  

Li Du laughed, "That’s great, I happen to need a star dish for tonight."

Alison waved and laughed in an honest manner, indicating a direct personality.

"Ha! Li, don't be so polite, I know you can cook very well. Rose praises your cooking every day."

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