304 Preparations for the Party

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du and his friends embarked on their return journey on Sunday morning.

When they had first entered the national park, there had been three of them. When they departed, they left in a group of four, together with a deer, wild boars, a variety of birds, hares, and so forth.

When they reached their cabin, Li Du arranged for Big Quinn and Godzilla to handle their game. He then called Rose to confirm that the dinner party would be taking place that night.

Hans was not interested in eating game. "Who knows?" he said. "These things might contain some parasite. Or they might carry some mysterious virus or bacteria. I don’t think we should touch them."

"It won’t get complicated," assured Li Du. "At most I will soak the meat in alcohol. Then consider if we should steam, boil, fry or roast it. It will be clean and free from any virus or bacteria or whatever."

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