306 Promotion For Two

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The party at the cabin was a huge success. Big Quinn’s barbecue skills had exceeded the expectations of Li Du. The police officers who had tasted all kinds of barbecue meat were full of praise for him.

Cape Town roast lamb, Moroccan grilled venison, rosemary venison roast, Oaxaca venison rolls, peanut powder roast veal cutlet, and so forth. There was a wide assortment of choices to choose from.

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Big Quinn got the most out of the dinner party. He had a vicious-looking face that had given him a bad reputation. But after eating his barbecue, everyone who had come to the cabin had gotten the opportunity to get to know him better.

Besides the mouth-watering barbecued treats, the Amish’s organic, pesticide-free vegetables were a hit as well.

The Amish’s vegetables, when compared to commercially-planted vegetables using machines, had a much better taste, and the nutritional value was much higher.

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