640 The Anti-aircraft Gun, Brother Wolf

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Du watched the drone out of the corner of his eye as it gradually lowered. When the drone was low enough, he could see its appearance clearly.

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It was an ordinary drone that was purchasable online. He had seen a drone in a storage unit auction before, where a man used it to enter storage units and look through the items inside, only for it to get trapped in the iron frame.

While Li Du was making observations, there was suddenly a bang!-bang!-bang! in the forest next to him before three or four round balls whizzed toward the sky.

When the round balls reached the sky, they immediately exploded with a loud thunder like bang followed by the descent of big shreds of leaves that filled up the sky!

One after another, the four balls, which contained only tree leaves, exploded. The tree leaves drifted down and blanketed the drone like a heavy snowfall.

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