641 Gotta Do It Yourself

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Ah Ow had grown very fast and was much stronger. She knew that the little girl was not an enemy, and so didn't use her attacking force to deal with her.

Otherwise, with the combined impact of a wolf's biting and tugging ability, she could have easily dragged the little girl out of the car.

Li Du was afraid that she would frighten the little girl, and so not only gave her orders, but also grabbed hold of Ah Meow and threw him out there. "Go and bring Ah Ow back."

Ah Meow landed deftly on the ground, and then took a leap to the front of the pickup truck. He smacked Ah Ow's head and beat her to the ground as though he were beating a hamster.

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Ah Ow was already double the size of Ah Meow. However, the memory of the lesson Ah Meow had taught her when she was young was still fresh, as though it had only happened yesterday. Hence, her attitude toward Ah Meow had always been one of silent resentment.

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