639 Let Me Get Rid of It

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He didn't know when the other party had started watching him, but at the very least it had been discovered that he was using Crispy Noodles to search for fire opals. This meant that he was already being watched the last time he was here searching for opals.

If he hadn't brought professional security personnel like Brother Wolf with him, he wouldn't have discovered this – that he had been watched by others all this time! 

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Li Du stood up and glared furiously at the drone. He had a way to deal with it; he could use the little bug to absorb the time capability from one of the circuits and destroy it.

He was just about to make his move when Brother Wolf said, "They found out that we found them out."

This was a bit of a tongue-twister but the meaning was very clear. Through the camera attached to the drone, the people who had been operating it would have known that their targets had discovered the drone spying on them.

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