492 So It Was You

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Staring at the computer screen, staring at the online game interface, and staring at the cubes onscreen and the weapons contained in each cube, Li Du held back what he wanted to swear out loud: F*cking retard!

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These were indeed storage units, but what kind? The kind in games! The storage units in those online games! Definitely not the real kind that they need!

Hans could no longer hold it back: "Buddy, is there something wrong with you?"

The young man looked shocked and then gave them a wry smile. "How do you guys know? Yes, I'm socially handicapped and also have some endocrine-related issues."

Hearing this reply, Li Du was flabbergasted.

Hans was also stunned; he said listlessly, "I'm talking about mental—you've got a mental problem, for sure!"

The young man shook his head vigorously. "No, I haven't got any mental problems. I've gone for a check-up—the doctor said I'm very normal."

"F*cking quack doctor!" Hans whispered to Li Du.

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