493 Ah Ow’s Return

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Despite Chen Haonan's refusal, Li Du still gave him the market rate of 1,000 dollars for each bracelet before choosing seven scented rosewood bracelets.

Hans and the other two were gifted a free bracelet each. Chen Haonan was a rich kid; he didn't care about this loss of money.

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The beads he had made for Godzilla and Big Quinn were one-of-a-kind. For Big Quinn, they were shaped into many small skull heads, which were twice the size of the usual ones.

Upon seeing that, Li Du said, "I remember that more than a decade ago, there was an animated movie called 'Journey to the West.' The sand priest was wearing a necklace made of skull heads, similar to the one you have here."

"Yes, yes, yes,' Chen Haonan chuckled. "I got my inspiration from there!"

Big Quinn did not like the style, and shook his head. "This is too aggressive-looking. I am hoping for something more normal-looking."

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