491 Ten Storage Units

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Hearing Big Quinn, Li Du hurriedly turned on the computer and went online.

Indeed, there was an online post of them at the auction; there was a high number of views, as well as many comments:

"A 'like' for this lady, for the courage to pursue love, cool!"

"This is Dr. Sophie Martin from Red Cross St. John's Hospital. Beautiful and elegant lady with a kind heart! So envious of that chap!"

"Does no one recognize this Chinese guy? He's Boss Li—treasure hunter from Flagstaff! The maniac went from rags to riches, becoming a millionaire within half a year!"

Turning it off, Li Du sighed, "So I'm famous now? D*mn, won't the whole US know about my romance now?"

"You wish!" Hans mocked. "If it were so easy to become an Internet sensation, I would have done so already!"

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Li Du was about to retort when he saw an email arrive in his inbox.

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