413 Shake the Mountain & Scare the Tiger

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The treasure hunters took the chips Li Du gave them and placed their bets. They didn’t have unified opinions on which to bet on. Some bet small, because most of the time Li Du had bet on small and won a lot of money. Some bet on big, as they felt that according to sheer probability, it should be big next.

When the dice cup was opened, it was big; some people cheered while some were dismayed.

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Li Du did not pay attention to this. He looked towards Marlin and greeted him, "Hey Marlin, old pal, good evening."

The casino business thrived at night. Many white-collar folks would come to the casino to play a few rounds to relax after work. All the surrounding tables were very crowded and many people were staring at them.

Due to the watchful crowd, although Marlin was dissatisfied, he could not show his emotions on his face.

He waved warmly at Li Du. "Li, my brother from China, you are here again?"

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