414 Revenge of the Native Americans

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After they left the casino, Li Du handed the 10,000 dollars to Big Quinn. "You help me distribute the money to them. Earlier on we calculated the information of the ones who got scammed and their losses. Give them the whole of their scammed amount. You and Godzilla can split and take the remaining balance."

Dickens rubbed his hands together and said, "Li, is this really okay? We got part of the compensation from you already. "

Li Du placed a hand on his shoulder and explained his actions. "You’ve been scammed and have suffered because of me. I will not tolerate that. You can treat the sum of money I gave you all earlier as the profits you got from the auction."

The treasure hunters were moved and excited by what Li Du said. Olly cried out, "Big Li, thank you. If not for you, I’d be finished!"

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Li Du smiled and waved his hand. "Go back and sleep—don’t go back in there. Did you all learn something from that 4,000 dollars worth of chips?"

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