412 Stepping Into the Casino Again

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The treasure hunters were reminded of the fact that Rick was now working for the Comanche when they saw the entrance of the casino. The Comanche, led by Marlin, in Flagstaff were notorious!

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Someone stopped Li Du and smiled bitterly. "Big Li, we do want to get even with Rick, but is there a need to come to the Native American’s territory?"

Some of them even wanted to retreat. "Big Li, didn’t you tell us that we should adopt the tactic of smiling at our enemies and stab them behind their backs? Is it necessary to take revenge on Rick so soon?"

Olly gave these people a shove and said angrily, "What a wuss! Cowards can go back, the tough men can stay!"

Turis also came forward to express his opinion. "Big Li’s helping us to seek revenge. If you worry so much and are oblivious to Big Li’s efforts, then you better go back. Don't let Big Li get disheartened!"

Most treasure hunters supported Li, which was an indication of his charisma.

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