886 Relationships Crisis

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Sophie's gentle look suddenly became serious. "What did you say?" she asked.

"Brother Wolf and Ivana are staying in Phoenix. I talked to Hans about this. Flagstaff is too small. Our business cannot develop here, we need to go to a bigger city."

Sophie lost her temper with Li Du for the first time. She shoved the flowers back to him, grabbed her bag, and walked forward quickly with her head lowered.

Li Du hurriedly caught up with her. "What? Is the lovely girl angry?"

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"Angry? Am I angry?" Sophie looked back at him angrily. "No, I'm not angry, I'm sad, sad!"

"If you don't like me going to Phoenix, I'll stay at Flagstaff," smiled Li Du.

Sophie pushed him away and continued walking. "It doesn't matter where you go. I respect your choice. But you have to respect me too. Ask yourself, did you ever respect my choice?"

"I didn't expect you to get back to work so soon," Li Du said.

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