887 Instant Happiness

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Dr. Handsome was charmingly attentive to Sophie. Everyone around was watching pleasantly.

Li Du opened the door and walked out of his car. He smiled and greeted, "Hi, good morning, my dear."

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Sophie, who was gracefully turning down Dr. Handsome's flowers, saw Li Du and sent him a death stare. Then, she reached out to accept the rainbow roses as she said, "Dr. Graz, thanks for the gift."

Li Du felt that something was not right so he said, "Hold on, Sophie. I've got you a gift too."

Sophie looked askance at him. "Is it for me or Officer Luo Qun?"

Li Du was not angry in the slightest from her act of jealousy. He found it interesting to see this side of Sophie as it was the first time she'd behaved so.

He walked toward Sophie with the flower bud in his hand and said, "This is of course for you. This is a gift only for my girlfriend."

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